H1B to H4 COS stamping in Mexico

Hi Anil,

My wife has been on H1-B VISA until her maxout on 02/23/2021. I have I-140 approved and H1-B extension until March 2023 and recently filed for her COS from H1-B to H-4 based on my H1-B.
Both last entered on H1-B VISA stamped in India (home country) in Jan 2017. Since then we haven’t travelled out of USA thus might not be eligible for dropbox at any location.
Question is - as both of us need VISA stamping on passport for re-entry in USA, we are wondering if we both can go to Mexico location for VISA stamping and re-enter to expediate H-4 process and then apply for EAD.

You both should be able to get visa stamped in Mexico.