H1B to H4 COS while in USA

Hello All,

I entered USA in June 2019 with H4 Visa stamped till Dec 2021. Changed to H1B in Jan 2020. But last month lost my job. So my h1b status will be valid only till Aug 15,2021. Have couple of questions about the other steps.

  1. If not able to join another job before end of 2 months, Do I need to file I-539 for change of status to H4 even though i have visa stamped till Dec 2021 ?

  2. If suppose I-539 is filed since its taking long time for approval now a days. If i travel out of country , will this application be automatically revoked ?

  3. Will I be eligible for dropbox for H4 Visa stamping ?

Thank you in advance.

Yes, you will need to submit COS application using I-539. Visa is only a travel document.

If you leave the US while your application is pending, USCIS will deny the COS.

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