H1b transfer approved with old i94 number after i94 expired and extension is still in progress

Hi aNIL,

Here is my cast status,

—Company A

H1B extension still in progress and Company responded to the RFE in normal case and waiting for the decision. I am still working with this company.

I94 expired : 04-19-2019
Applied Extension case : 03-28-2019
Got RFE : 04-30-2019

Responed to RFE : 07-24-2019

— Company B

H1B transfer denied.

– Company C

H1B transfer approved for two years and waiting for receiving approval document.

Applied Transfer : 07-19-2019
Got RFE : 07-31-2019

Approved : 08-30-2019

Here my question is , in the approved mail , I see the old i94 mentioned , Is that mean Is my I94 activated and Can i join the Company C? or Do you want me wait until I see i797 document with attached i94 ?

Am about to resign Company A, What if the extension is denied. Does it impact my transferred approval with Company C?

Please let me know if you need any more information from my side.


Hi @pinnakahari

If your company C Transfer has been approved with a new i94 (number does not matter), then you are good to join the new company.

It does not matter if extention is denied now.

Thanks Anil for quick response . Its really helpful .
In the approval mail from USCIS , I see the below details . Does it mean that my I94 activated ? or Do you want me wait to resign current compay A, until I see the I797 copy with I94 details?

Beneficiary: XXXXXXXXXX
Classification sought: H1B
Starting Validity Date: 08/05/2019
Ending Validity Date: 08/04/2021
Consulate notified (if applicable):
I-94 # (if applicable): old i94 number

If I94 attached , I don’t need to go out for stamping asap ,right ?
Would you advise for stamping in mexico before joining Company C ?

Hi @pinnakahari

I suggest to wait for the i797 and see if a new i94 has been issued. From the text you have shared, it does look like new i94 has been issued.

There is no need to go for visa stamping if i94 has been issued.

Thanks Anil!!!

I see your comment "it does not matter if extension is denied now " . But I just want get clear understanding . I am asking below question.

I have one more question related to the current extension denial with Company A. I need to serve 15 days for current company , During this period or when i working with company A. if the extension decision is denied , Still I can join with company C based upon i797 approval ?

Hi @pinnakahari

You should join the new company immediately to safeguard yourself.

If there is a denial after i94 expiry, USCIS can do anything. I cannot guess as to what they will do.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the details. I got the I797A document with attached i94 for Company C.

Would advise going to stamping in Mexico before joining to the Company C ?


Hi @pinnakahari

If you have got a new i94 with company C approval, there is no need to go for stamping to Mexico.