H1B transfer - LCA

I am on H1B with employer A working from WA office location,during the pandemic my employer A filed the LCA amendment with DOL to tell that i will be working from home.
Now i am planning to change the employer to B, employer B has offices in CA and WA. Attorney was not told that i accepted offer with WA state, so they filed LCA with CA address and also my home address in WA and sent package to USCIS. When i asked about LCA, that doesnt have company B WA address , attorney saying they are not aware that i will be working from company B WA address and also said that i can work from company B WA address, without any problem because LCA has my home address of WA and since i am in MSA from my home address. Is that correct?
I got this question because my current employer A, filed LCA amendment with DOL though i am in MSA from my office address in WA. Thanks in advance.

You don’t need amendment to H1B and a new LCA if your work addresses are in same MSA. Trust your immigration lawyer! :slight_smile:

Thank you. My only concern is if uscis comes to inspection visit the sites listed on LCA which are CA office location and WA home location, i wont be available . Since i will be working from WA office location.