H1B Transfer Question (What happens to H4 Visa stamping appointment)

I am planning to change jobs and apply for H1B transfer with a new employer. I know that my wife’s H4 doesn’t have to be transferred at the same time, as H4 validity is until March 2023 and it is not tied to my employer.

However my wife and I were planning to travel to India (and subsequently get the visa stamped thru dropbox) this year. My questions are:

  1. Obviously I will have to file for my H1B stamping with my new I-797 approval but can my wife’s H4 stamping still happen based on previously approved principal H1B I-797 from my previous employer?
  2. Or do I need to actually have a new H4 for her based on my new I-797, if we want to travel and get our visas stamped?

H4 can use primary H1B I-797 for visa stamping. CBP will issue I-94 to match the expiry date with the primary H1B when she enters back to the US.

Answered above.

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