H1B transfer transferred from California to Nebraska Upgraded to premium

Hi Anil
My H1B transfer which was filed at California was transferred to Nebraska on 9th Jan. Then it was upgraded to premium, Nebraska received premium upgrade file on 5th March. When can I expect the result?

I do not think H1B transfer is eligible for premium processing at this time.

Are you sure your ‘Upgrade to Premium’ request was accepted by USCIS?

Do you see the status update on USCIS website at this time that your premium processing time has started?

Anil, my transfer case was filed on 11th Sep, so it is eligible for upgrade. Status says, received file on 5th March and will be processed by Nebraska.

Ok…so, you did not mention the date of application earlier so i assumed that you have just filed it.

Premium processing applications get result within 15 calendar days.

Got it Thank you Anil

Hi Anil,
I have got RFE. Yet I do not know what are they asking in RFE. I am employed with direct client partner, no intermediate vendor. we have submitted client letter as well. Do you have any metrics on approval after RFE? how is the trend of approval after RFE?

I did share the approval rate of H1B after RFE for consultancy versus the product based companies here.

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Hi Anil, I have got the information on RFE, Attorney is asking for

  1. Detailed job duties
  2. Course mapping. What exactly we need is a comparison of the detailed job duties, and the courses that the beneficiary took during their education that will help them perform the detailed job duties.

My soc code is 11-3021. I have MCA with experience in different roles from developer, tech lead, application architect, technical project manager, technology solutions managers etc. current client letter has title technical project manager. with Roles and responsibilities of end to end delivery. R&R has all high level responsibilities which cover activities of typical onshore and offshore model, but it does not have in details activities like application architecture and design, etc technical activities though my nature of work involves both technology and management.

Now the question is while giving response to detailed job duties and course mapping can I include all of them though they are not explicitly mentioned in client letter?

Can you help me with a ref. document for course mapping?


I do not have any such sample letter with me.

Your attorney should be able to do it for you as they are experts in this.