H1b transfer when spouse change of status filed from H4 to H1b

Hi Anil,

I am on H1b and need to file a H1b amendment/transfer in May in Premium due to change in my employer. My spouse is on H4 and this year picked up in H1B lottery and h4 to h1b change of status is filed. Please advise if I can file extension of H1b and H4 together even the COS is in progress for my spouse.

Why do you want to file H4 if she already has H1B COS pending?

Isn’t it contradictory? You will confuse USCIS.

My understanding is H4 is dependent on H1, if my h1b is being transferred should I not apply for h4 extension in parallel as we are not sure my spouse h4 to h1b COS will be approved before May or not?

H4 is dependent on H1B status.
As long as H4 has enough validity, there is no need to file H4 extension with H1B transfer/Amendment.