H1b transfer while both downgraded I140 and 485 pending

My I140 approved on 2014 and PR date is nov-2014 and category is EB2 and H1b approved till Jun-2023 with company A.
Last year oct-2020 ,i have downgraded to EB2 to Eb3 and filed 485 and AP ,march month i got 485 receipt.
In current my 485 and 140 is pending since a year, now i got very good opportunity from company B.
1)Can i change the switch the job and transfer my H1b to company B, based on my approved EB2-140.
2)If i can change the job then what will happen with my current downgraded I140 and 485.
3)Does will impact on new H1b transfer with company B and Eb2 status as am not worry about 485 status.

You can.

You should upgrade the I-140 case to premium processing even if you have to pay for it. You should transfer your H1B after your I-140 is approved. Otherwise, if your green card sponsoring employer withdraws I-140 downgrade application before it is approved, the underlying I-485 may get denied.

Once you change your job after I-140 is approved, you new employer will need to file I-485J to take over as a sponsor to the green card job.

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My current company is not ready for premium process even i am ready to pay. Due to personal issue I am planning to go back to india permanently after 2-3 years so now i am not concern about my 485 status.

  1. Just wanted to know that does it impact any issue on H1b transfer and getting extension ?
  2. For H1b transfer do i need to tell company B about downgraded EB3 pending 140 status or do not discuss any thing about downgraded EB3 and directly send them EB2 approved I140 for visa transfer.

Your downgrade application should have no impact on H1B transfer and AC21 extension based on approved EB2 I-140.

You don’t need to disclose the EB3 downgrade to your new employer.