H1b transfer while H4 RFE response has been sent to USCIS

I have applied for H1b extension in Feb & got it approved in April. My dependent’s H4 visa is pending for approval. I had received RFE for H4. The reason being my kid passport had expired & old passport was submitted. I have sent documents to USCIS.
What are the possibilities of H4 denial in case if I do H1b transfer to another employer ?
Please advise.

You can transfer with premium processing and interfile copy of your new H1B approval notice with the service center processing H4 application. If for some reason it doesn’t make to your file and H4 gets denied with USCIS sending you RFE to submit the new H1B approval, you can file MTR to reopen the case and submit the new H1B approval.

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thanks !
the H4 visa is already in RFE stage. they had asked for additional documents which I have submitted. Will it be a double RFE ?