H1B Transfer while i94 end date is near

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I have my i94 approved till Nov 1, my employer is preparing to file for extension and I have a FTE offer from a another Company , below I have few questions if anyone could provide some inputs/experience would be helpful

  1. Can both extensions be filed and what would be consequences if both get approved/denied
  2. will there be bridge petition or is it different petitions , will it effect
    3)what’s the best to do in such scenario

In your case, the new employer will file change of employer petition while your existing employer will file extension of status. Both will be processes independently based on supporting documents and one do not have any bearing on the other.

No such petition is required if both applications are timely submitted to the USCIS while your I-94 is still valid.

Not sure what you are asking. You are the best judge to decide what to do! If both of your applications gets approved, you will decide whether to move to new employer or stay with current.

Thank you so much for the reply :slight_smile: appreciate it

If new company files for transfer will I get new i94 or should I ask them to file for both extension and transfer?

Change of employer occurs with eligible extension and your new I-797 will have I-94 attached.

what you mean by legible extension ?

Whether within the 6 year H1B term or beyond 6 years with approved I140.

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ok, Thank you for the information