H1b transfer while previous H4 transfer is still pending


I am currently work for company A who recently filed for H1b transfer for me and H4 transfer for my wife. My H1b is approved and my wife’s H4 is still pending and depending on current processing time from USCIS, the H4 approval will taken another 5 to 6 months. Now I have offer from employer B who will do my H1b transfer. Now I have few questions:

  1. Does my wife needs to file for new H4 transfer? If yes, should I talk to the employer B about it before accepting the offer?

  2. Can my current employer (Employer A) withdraw H4 transfer application? If so, what will happen?

  3. I have my wife’s received receipt from USCIS and it has my wife’s name but employer A’s attorney address? If I leave employer A, how can I get the original approval receipt for my wife once the H4 transfer is approved.

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H4 is a personal application and you can ask the attorney to forward it to you.

It is recommended to file an H4 transfer again with a new employer as the chances of H4 (pending one) denial are higher if your current employer withdraws the H1B.

Thank you so much for the info.
I was reading few forums, where it said no see to transfer H4, H4 might get RFE only.