H1B Transfer - Working Outside of Office location

I am currently working and Living in State A . I have got an offer with direct client which is located State B .But Client is willing to relocate to any location in USA and i have choosed State C. But there is no client office in State C and i dont have house address also in State C. When i checked with client , they are saying its okay and they ready to start the transfer.
But i am not able to understand in which address my LCA will be filed ? if they use state B office address in my LCA , is that will be a problem for me to work from State B .do i need to file amendment after transfer approval after my relocation tp state C?Any inputs will be much appreciated?

@anil_am22 - could you please provide your inputs

@anil_am22 - Hi Anil.could you please provide your inputs

I suggest to first get an address in State C and then file H1B transfer.

You will need to file H1B amendment if you file H1B transfer now with state B address and then want to work from state C address.

Thanks Anil. I have my cousin address in State C . Shall i use this for H1B transfer? . Also after approval once i moved to State C with new house address( with in 10 miles from my cousin address) do i need to do H1B amendment?

If all are okay do you think any risk associated with the above?

It does not matter who’s address is it.

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