H1B transferred, H4 with previous emp impacts


I came to US in Nov 2018 with H1B stamped till March 2019 with employer A. I got 2 extensions with employer A and latest one approved on Oct 2020 extending till sep 2023. H4 for my dependents extension from employer A with latest extension also got approved till sep 2023. I switched to employer B now with premium processing and now got approved till sep 2024.

  1. Do I need to file new H4 for my dependents with employer B’s H1B status. If in case employer A withdraws my H1B, will it make my dependents out of status
  2. if I travel to India, during stamping will H4 with employer A an issue. (Both scenario- H1B withdrawn or not)

Thanks in advance,

Ideally you should extend the H4 status along with H1B, not mandatory though but just so that you don’t have to track the status expiry for H1B & H4 separately and you know all expires at the same time.
As far as primary H1B is in status, there is no impact on H4 even if your ex-employer withdraw H1B.

H4 is not tied to employer. It is a derivative to the primary H1B so you can use the existing I-797 for H1B for the H4 stamping of your dependents.

Thanks a lot Kalpesh for the clarifications