H1B visa 221G whiteslip

Hi, a month and half ago i had a drop box appointment where in i dropped all the needed documents. A month ago i was called for in person interview and i was given 221G white slip. Two boxes were checked in one stating i will receive an email to submit a questionnaire and second one stated additional admin processing and passport was handed back to me. Last week i received email from consulate to submit passport. After i submitted passport status changed to approved and the next day it changed to Application received (i was hoping it will change to issued). It has been two days with the status of application received. If any one had similar experience can you please let me know and also how long does the process take. Thank you.

@anil_am22 can you please share your comments. thanks

If they asked to submit the passport, then most probably, the visa has been approved and you are just a couple of days away from receiving stamped passport.

Don’t worry. You are all set.