H1B Visa Stamping expert help needed

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Need your help to understand few of the possibility of getting the visa stamped.

  1. I have a dropbox appointment in month of September, Do i need to get NIE exception before i go for stamping and if i dont have an NIE exception, Will i be eligible for stamping ?

  2. In case if i dont go to India, I have to go to business trip in month of November to Singapore and London, Is that an option to get visa stamped in any of these countries ?

Your inputs are highly appreciated.


hey @anil_am22 - Any expert advice would be really appreciated.


They might issue form 221g without NIE approval.
You should submit the NIE approval letter along with dropbox documents.

Visa stamping can be applied in any country with US embassy there.

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Thanks Anil… this is really helpful!