H1b working for 2 employers

Hello All,

I have recently I have started working with new consulting group as contractor, and they have initiated my H1b transfer in normal processing with all dependents and it’s still pending USCIS.

The same time I have had one full time opportunities will be joining shortly in May, The H1b transfer filled in premium, and it was approved.
The Both H1b Transfer has been initiated at the same time with previous employer petitions and due to some reputations & Commitment - I have keep work Contract jobs for few months.

Questions: -

  1. Is it okay to run both employment parallel and any immigration complications will raise?

  2. I have travel plan to India if so, I’m planning to use the full time I797 for the stamping will be there any impact?

  3. When Travel to India the Pending petitions will create any nuisance on Stamping?

  4. Kindly share your valuable suggestions and opinions


Its not legal to work for two employers unless your second H1B was explicitly approved as concurrent H1B.

You can face issues at the time of green card if you work illegally.