H1B, working from India since April 2020 for US employer on US payroll

I traveled to India from the USA back in January to get my H1B Visa processed by the consular processing method for my new employer.

I was unemployed at the time. I got the I-797 and visa stamped (Dropbox method) for 3 years till 2023.

I then started working from India for my new employer on April 6th as I could not travel to the USA due to COVID-19.

I have been working from India since then and receiving US payroll.

There is still a ‘work from home’ policy in effect for my employer, so instead of working from home in the USA, I am working from my home in India.

Also travelling still seems a bit risky due to COVID-19. I wanted to ask if I can continue to work from India and for how much longer?

Also, is it legally OK that I have already worked from India on a US payroll for close to a year now, since April 6th.

I also wanted to know how does that change filing for taxes and how I will be taxed in the USA and India?

Also, how does that change the days I am using up from my H1B visa as I am not in the USA?

Also, my previous I94 has expired in August 2020, is that a problem in me traveling to the USA?

How do I get a new I94 now? I would be really thankful if you could please respond with answers to these questions.