H1under 221g , no documents , can I apply H4?


My H1b case in under processing 221g. They have requested for additional documents and I don’t have those documents ie., my employer is not able to provide the documents.what shall I reply to the email ?
Also , can I apply for H4 visa when H1 is under 221g? What happens in the interview? Plz help

It is not possible to suggest anything unless you know what documents have been requested.

You can apply H4 while H1B is in admin processing with form 221g.

Mine was an internal in house project and no client. They asked documents such as which clients will be using this service , provide PO, who will be using these services etc. my employer is not willing to provide those documents

If you cannot provide those documents, then the chances are high that the visa might be denied.

It is also possible that US embassy sends the H1B petition for revocation to USCIS.

It is better that you submit the documents that you submitted with H1B application the first time to prove that you do have real project.

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Thank you so much for the reply. What are my chances for getting H4 visa in this circumstance? Without replying to the email ? Pls guide

H4 visa should be easy. They look at the application based on the visa type and the documents you submit with it.