H4 and H4 EAD in different service center

My H4 extension was applied in Texas service center on July second week of 2020 and it got approved last week of may 2021. My H4 EAD new application was sent on Dec 3rd week 2020 and it is being processed at California service center.

Will my H4 EAD gets approved soon since my H4 got approved last week?

Are both cases independent since both are different service centers?

Any help is much appreciated

You need to check processing time at California service center. Once your H4 gets approved, your H4 EAD should be picked up for processing.

They are normally, not just because they are at different service centers though.

H4 EAD processing time in California center is 6.5 months yo 14 months. Mine is filed 5.5 months back.