H4 and H4EAD applying for renewal by ourselves

My husbands company has been applying for my husband’s H1B extension along with my H4 and H4EAD applications. We paid for expediting the H1B application and we have gotten everything approved and processed together with in a month.

This time his company is not willing to apply for my H4 or H4EAD renewals along with his application.

  1. If we apply for my H4 and H4EAD ourselves, what will be the time frame, since biometrics is gone?
  2. Can we apply for H4 and H4EAD together?
  3. Can I apply for H4 with just my husband’s receipt number?
  4. Should we take chances of applying for H1B, H4, H4ead ourselves from outside? if yes, then can you please share your experiences and how you went about this process.

Thank you!

Yes you can. It should be faster now as no biometric is required. You can get approximate processing time from USCIS, based on the service center that will process your application.


Yes, in fact you need to attach a copy of H1B receipt with your application. Do not apply yourself if you are not confident on how to fill out the forms and what documents you need to attach. Hire an attorney if unsure about the process as you don’t want to screw up your application and end up with RFE or reapply and waste all that time.

Only the employer (petitioner) of H1B can apply for H1B petitions.

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Thank you for your detailed response!