H4 approval sent twice by USCIS

Hi I applied for H4 visa and got approval on Jan-10-2022 and received original copy(I-797A) and after a month on Feb-15 i received another approval (I-797C) with same validity.
Both approvals having same validity(start and end dates) and same Receipt number.
I need to apply for H4-EAD, so which approval i need to consider?,and did not get I-797A copy gor the latest approval though.

Both approvals refer to the same thing.

Use the i797 that has a new H4 i94 attached to it at the bottom.


Please may I know how many months it took for your H4 approval?

it took around 7 months for approval but h4 is applied along with h1 transfer when the validity of h4 is more than 1 year

Sorry I know it was posted long time ago, but might help someone else. I-797A is the actual approval notice, where as I-797C is a courtesy copy just for your reference. And you should keep both of them.


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