H4 approved for kid but mine still pending - is this possible?


I have a question regarding my H4 status.

My kid’s h4 reciept is approved today but my h4 receipt number is showing fingerprint review completed.

What does that mean? I am the applicant and kid is my beneficiary.

Does that mean mine is not approved?

Hi @Sruthy.vijay

The chances are high that your H4 has also been approved but the status is not reflecting online.

Thanks Anil

I am still in confusion. My kid’s H4 status got updated on October 25th to case approved and mine to fingerprint review completed on the same day. We enquired our attorney about the status of H4 that evening and they responded to our mail today saying H4 is pending for USCIS Decision. Why is that happening. How come they don’t know that my kids visa extension is approved.

I am in dilemma that we had travel plans coming on November

Thanks in advance

Hi @Sruthy.vijay

Your attorney can only tell you what it shows up on USCIS website.

You can never be sure unless you receive the official USCIS approval letter for both you and your kid.

If you have travel plans, you will have to get a valid H4 stamp anyway to get back to US. H4 extension approval in US does not give you permit to re-enter US.

I am not sure why are you worried here? Has your i94 expired?

Hi Anil

My I 94 will expire by the time I travel.

My doubt is that why attorney is not knowing that kid’s approved which shows on the website. Also will the approval notice is sent to attorney or our home address .

The notice is sent to the person who’s address was filled in the mailing address section of H4 application form.

I cannot guess as to what address you or your attorney filled there.

Hi Anil

My travel date is November 16 and my I 94 expires on November 14. Will it be a problem on our stamping at India. Am I eligible for Dropbox since my visa already expired by the time we Dropbox our documents?

I am confused at the second question of Dropbox eligibility checker which asks for you have previous visa on the same class since my visa already expired that time.

I heard this I94 mismatch will be an issue. May I know how it will cause issues later because I need to renew my DL after coming back

Sorry if I am asking irrelevant questions


Hi @Sruthy.vijay

I am not sure if you understand the whole process correctly.

Your H4 extension in US is pretty much useless if you are leaving US anyway.

Your visa date should fall within the last 12 months time on the date of dropbox appointment.

I do not understand what you mean by ‘i94 mismatch’. How will you have a mismatch and why do you think it will affect your dropbox?