H4 change of status and H4-EAD query

Hello everyone! I have two questions relating to H4 & H4-EAD.

  1. I am on H1 extension (applied on or before I-94 end date)
    — I am planning for change of status to H4, will I need to travel to India after applying for change of status or I can continue to stay until decision is made by USCIS

  2. H4 EAD
    — is their an update on EAD premium processing and one can continue to work during EAD extension?


While the COS application is processed, you can keep living in the US. This is considered the authorized period of stay from USCIS.

US Congress passed bill HR 8337 in September 2020 that added Premium Processing option for H1B, L1 dependents(H4, L2), including all EAD categories. This is yet to be implemented after the rule making process is completed.

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