H4 COS approved but approval copy not received yet

Hi Anil,
I filed for H1 to H4COS and EAD concurrently on Sep 24th in VSC and on March 20th 2019 my EAD got approved. I have received the courtesy copy of EAD and my EAD card in mail. When i called USCIS to check on my H4 status they told that my H4 application has been approved on March 20 and they have sent the approval documents to my lawyers address. My lawyers have not received the documents yet, most likely it got lost in the mail.

I can request for duplicate H4 approval notice only after 30 days .There is no change in my online case status for H4. It still shows as “Case was Received” .

What is the best to do in this scenario ? Wait for 30 days and then apply for duplicate H4 ? Not sure how long it takes for duplicate H4 approval notice.
I had plans to go India this month, is it possible to go to India and get H4 stamped ?

My suggestion is to wait for approval copy.

If you have travel plans, then you can get H4 stamping from outside USA too.