H4 denied but H1b renewed

Hi all,

My h4 extension (the fourth one) expired on august 9 21 and my extension application was submitted in April 2021. My husbands H1b was submitted along with my application and that got approved but uscis denied my h4 today (waiting for denial notice to arrive to know the reason).

I have a 7 month old baby and her passport is also work in progress so she can’t travel to India with me.

What do you believe my options are? Do j need to get out of the Usa?

You can file I-290B MTR application and appeal USCIS to reopen your case. Hire a good immigration lawyer and have them appeal.

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Thank you, Kalpesh - have you been through something similar? what did the process look like?

I have been not. Just know the process so suggesting.

Hello Shradha,

I am facing somewhat similar situation, I dont know whether they have denied it or not just waiting for the notice.

Are you still stuck with the process or you got your approval? and what did you do after receiving the denial notice.

Kindly please let me know.


sorry, I did not see that you get your update two days back.

anyways if hear something or any other option let me know.

Hi Aparna,

My lawyer wants to wait for the denial notice before telling me the next steps.

I also have an H1b approved so we wanted check if that could be the reason for my h4 denial, in case anyone has faced something like that.

I will let you know my denial reason and will keep you updated about my lawyers recommendation and next steps.