H4 Dependent Drop box appointment and NIE

Hi Anil,

I am currently in US and my Wife and kids were in India. My family have a drop-box appointment next week and my wife is planning to drop all the documents for herself and the kids.

Since my kids were born in India, they may not be able to travel without NIE.

Can you please let me know if my wife could prepare and submit an additional NIE document herself with Family separation reason and submit it during the drop-box appointment?

Will they accept my wife’s self declared NIE document with family separation reason during the drop-box appointment?

And if they accept, will my family get a NIE approval document along with their passports?

Thanks a lot for your help!


There is no guarantee but no harm in trying.

Their H4 visa will have annotation referencing the exception to the current presidential proclamation.

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Thanks a lot Kalpesh!