H4 Dependent passport expire soon

I got H1B extension and valid till 06/2025 (both I-797 and I-94)
Now I am planning to apply H4 extension for my dependents and their Current I-797 and I-94’s valid till 06/2022.

But my daughter’s passport is going to expire by 10/2022.
In this case does she get I-94 till 10/2022 or 06/2025?.

Please suggest us

She should get I-94 to match the primary H1B. Passport has to be valid at the time of application. However to avoid RFE at a later stage (USCIS may request copy of new passport if they adjudicate the case after the expiry date of current passport and this may happen due to processing delays) I would suggest getting the passport renewed and then apply for H4 extension of status.