H4 Dependent Travel while H4 Extension is pending and I94 is expired

Kindly please let me know the impact of if H4 dependents travel back to India while their H4 extension is pending with USCIS and I-94 has already been expired.

Stay after I-94 expiry would be counted as un-authorized stay in states. If yes then any alternative solution.

if you have filled H4 petition extension ,dependent can stay in USA ,they need not to travel back , since the extension is filed ,h4 petitioner is not illegal if they stay back,
if you choose to travel USCIS will void the petition when time comes .

My question is little different than what you suggest. My question is they have to travel back to India then what is the impact.

I know they can stay here as long as petition decision is not made but they have to go back to India for some personal matter.

ff you choose to travel back to India , USCIS will void the petition when time comes

Thanks for reply. Is there any other impact when they would like to return back again in USA. Please consider the case : They leave the country after I-94 expired and H4 petition is still pending with USCIS

there is no negative impact on future travel/visa.

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