H4 document is being held for 180 days

What does it usually means “document is being held for 180 days “.
I got this status change for my H4 extension application.

Please help me with this

Hello, did you check with USCIS if the documents (H4 approval) were returned back by USPS for whatever reason?

No I have not. However I have raised service request at USCIS end and was told that the document will be resend to me. I made sure to get all the documents from USPS going forward by adding my name in my mail box and signed up for informed delivery.
generally what does it mean by “document is being held for 180 days” . Will it be denial notice ?
I only see status change to H4 extension application. I have applied for H4 ext + H4ead together and don’t see any change for EAD application.

I wont know that :slight_smile: It has to be some ‘document’, can be approval notice or can be RFE.
When did you submit the application? It could be Biometric appointment if you submitted before 17th May this year.
Did you try asking USCIS if it was approval notice?

My biometrics has been done way back in December. I asked them , they said they don’t have that information and cannot see anything in their system ( its is approved or denied or rfe )
I got this status change on May 17. I immediately called USCIS and they told me that they don’t see any such status “ document is being held” in their system and it could be a system error so I need not worry and can ignore that status.
Again I called after a week on May 24 and they told me that yes there is status change on my application and I have to raise a service request to resend that document.

I am not sure why they have 2 different answers.

My doubt is will the H4ead immediately gets denied if H4 is denied ?

It’s been 15 days since that status change and there is nothing after that no approval/no denial/no rfe update in the system

My receipt date is May 2020 for H4 and H4ead
Biometrics Dec 2020
Document is being held for 180 days for H4 May 17,2021
For H4ead it’s still case was received

Ok so I think you will now need to wait to receive the document to see what it is. Hopefully it will be your H4/EAD approval/card.

I have just crossed my fingers and waiting . thankyou so much for your quick response.