H4 Dropbox when principal applicant's visa (H1) is expired


My wife and I booked our separate H4 and H1 dropbox appointments respectively on Feb 15 at the same time. We booked the appointments from separate profile as my wife was previously on H1 visa and was not added as a dependent in my profile. The H4 document checklist includes “Copy of Primary Applicant’s current visa”. However, my H1 is already expired.

  • Will my wife be allowed for H4 dropbox with expired H1 visa but latest I797 which is valid till 2024?

  • Is there a way to combine our appointments now i.e. my wife as a dependent to my profile? Our appointments are at exact same time 12:45pm 02-15-2022.

Yes, H4 need to submit a valid I-797/I-94 for the primary H1B and not the visa.

Why do you want to add your spouse on your profile when the appointments are scheduled already? In a way its good to keep separate profiles if in future only one of you is going for stamping.

I’ve a similar situation with separate profiles for me and my wife. We haven’t had our appointments booked (Looking for drop box appointment dates to open). I’d like to add my wife on my profile as we want to get one single appointment. Please advise. Thanks