H4 EAD a minor mistake on I 797 form and so on the EAD card


I went through a lawyer of my company to file H4 EAD + H4 (COS) application. The lawyer made a mistake by mentioning an incorrect country of birth in the form. The application went through fine. I got an RFE to re submit photographs which we did via lawyer. The EAD approved and printed. I see an incorrect Country of birth printed on it.

Is this a problem? The EAD start date says Dec 2 2022. The company lawyer says it is not a problem and I have valid authorization to continue working. We can have it change by re-filing the application.

But would re-filing cause any problem with my current H4 EAD authorization. Do I have to stop working until the corrected EAD card comes? Pls advice

I don’t think its a problem. You can keep using the card.

Thank you. Should I have it corrected? or if I don’t will there be any impact to future applications.?