H4 EAD : after H4 transfer not done


My H1b , H4 ( EAD approved with ath H4 ) all completed with company A and its approved till 2025, i tried to join company B and they filed my H1b transfer along with H4. H1b is approved and H4 is pending. now we decided not to join that company B.
I am thinking of taking up offer from Company C, they will do H1b and H4 extension.

My question is what happens to H4 pending from company B ? will it be cancelled ? if yes will it impact our current approve EAD ?

Do we need to do any action for EAD ? will we need to apply for h1b and H4 with EAD for company C ?

If company B withdraw H1B petition before H4 extension is processed, it will be denied.

If EAD is already approved, it is not impacted and will remain valid.


Because your H4 and EAD are already approved you may not again apply for H4 extension while doing H1B transfer to company C. The only downside of this is that the H4 and EAD expiry will not match with the H1B so you will need to track it and apply for timely extension before they expire in 2025.


thanks Kalpesh Dalwadi