H4 EAD approved beyond H1B validity - can it be used?

I had filed my H1B extension, H4 and H4EAD in premium in Feb 2020. H1B was approved till 31-Aug-2020.

I had got biometric date for H4 but it got cancelled due to covid lockdown. Didn’t get new appointment yet.

Since my H1B was expiring, I filed new H1B extension and H4, EAD along with in premium in Aug 2020. Got RFE in H1B for which response has not been filed yet.

Today I got EAD approval notice from my previous petition which shows validity till Aug 2022. I am not sure how come I got EAD till 2022 when my H1B was approved till Aug 2020 only.

Now, can my spouse use this EAD for job or will there be any legal issue because initial H1B was approved till Aug 2020 and H4 result is not received yet.

Hi Anil- can you please advise on this. Can my spouse use the EAD card for work.

You can use valid H4 EAD card as long as H1B and H4 are in status.

You are in status as long as H1B extension is pending. H4 follows H1B status.

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Thank you so much Anil :slight_smile: