H4 EAD approved but card not delivered after 40 days

Hi Anil,

I have question on H4 EAD card. Hoping you can help on that. I got my H4-EAD approved on Feb 20, 2019. I see no other status updates in my case.

I would like to know when can I expect to receive my physical H4 EAD card.

Thanks for your help!

You should have received your EAD card by now.

Are you sure there was nothing wrong with your mailing address like missing apartment number or anything lime that?

Hi Anil - Thanks for responding. My mailing address is all valid as I received my H4 approval notice and H4-EAD notice to same email. I am really worried as it is taking longer than expected. Would you thinnk if there is any other possibility for delay? Thanks for your help!


Normally, the card is delivered within 7-15 days.

I suggest to call USCIS and raise a service request. They will send a new card for you or will give you the details a out delay.

Hi Anil,

I submitted a case inquiry with USCIS and have been informed case is under review and the processing will take another 60 days and no specific details on why the delay. It’s already 60 days now since the case approval date (Feb 20, 2019). For every case inquiry if they are going to take additional 60 days, I am not sure where this is going to end. I am clueless at this point. Our employer is willing to provide job offer letter. Would that help to expedite the process? Please let me know your thoughts.


If your case is approved, you only need the EAD card.

What did the USCIS say about the card delivery when you raised a service request?

USCIS sent a letter saying my case is under review and the processing will take 60 days. They did not mention anything about card delivery nor sending another card. Till date no activity on the case after the approval date feb 20. There is no status with card printed or delivery in case history. I am assuming they are just putting the cases on hold till they arrive at the EAD revoke decision. May be I am thinking too loud here. I am just frustrated with this delay process.what would be my next step here? Any idea?


You are thinking too much.

Each day people are receiving H4 EAD cards and they are receiving them too.

What is the status that you see on USCIS case status website?

USCIS case status shows case approved. Other than that no updates as of today.

Then, you have no other option than to wait.

Will the job offer letter do any help in expedite the process?

You can try filing EAD expedite request with reason as financial loss.

Hello Anil,

I really appreciate this platform and I am a regular visitor of AM22tech.

I have a question and just wanted to check with you if you have ever come across such a situation.

My I797/EAD case status got approved on 6/15/2020 however, I have not received my EAD card yet. I have gone through the process of approval and receiving of EAD card almost 3 times now and usually it does not take more that a week but in my case the online status did not change to ‘card is being produced’ yet.

I contacted USCIS call center and they are saying my card is not produced yet. Have you ever come across a case where it takes an unreasonably long time between the approval of the case and receiving of the EAD card.

I will really appreciate it if I can get some idea. My current one expires in two days that is 6/25/2020.

Hi @ssharan

I can only think of delays due to COVID-19 closures. Otherwise, it usually arrives within 5-7 days.

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Even my case is approved on June 16th and still waiting for the card. Tried calling USCIS, but they are not connecting me to tier2 . Not sure what to do, feeling frustrated.