H4 EAD Approved while H4 Extension is Pending


I had applied for H1B/H4/H4EAD extension in the month of March 2021 with Premium Processing.

As expected, H1B extension was approved within 10 days, and my H4 EAD is approved yesterday, 10/17.

Question: My H4 extension is still pending. Can I start working as soon as I have my H4 EAD in hand Or should I wait until my H4 extension is approved.


Your H4 should also be approved for H4 EAD to be approved. It could be just that the case status update is delayed for whatever reason. Hopefully it should be updated by next week.
You should be good to start working as soon as you receive your H4 EAD.

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Thanks Kalpesh for your quick turnaround!! I did get a confirmation today on my H4 status. My H4 is approved.

Thanks once again!!

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