H4 ead auto extension

My I-94 expired in 2019, but I have approved h4 extension and is valid till 2023. Do we get the extended I-94 with the h4 extension filing? Am I eligible for h4 ead auto extension?

It should be attached to the I-797 approval notice if the EOS was timely applied before it expired in 2019. If the I-797 do not have I94 attached, talk to your immigration lawyer asap as you may need to go for visa stamping.

Not unless you have a valid EAD that will expire soon, you applied for a renewal and the new EAD is not approved before the current expires. In that case your current EAD will still be valid for 180 days from its expiry provided your H4 is also valid beyond 180 days. Otherwise the EAD auto extension will be till the H4 validity.

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Thank You for the response Kalpesh.
I have renewed my passport recently. In that case, I need to be stamped to get valid I-94 based on new
passport number. Looks like, I am not eligible for h4EAD auto extension but have applied for EAD
renewal at Texas center. All I have to do is just wait for the EAD card instead. crossed_fingers: