H4 EAD automatic extension

my wife’s H4 EAD will expire this Jan 31st. She has approved H4 and i94 for next 3 years. i filled for her EAD renewal as well. Can she still work as per the new automatic extension rule if her EAD is not received before Jan 31st? is that rule effective already?

Yes, your wife should qualify for 180 days auto-extension for H4 EAD as she has a valid H4 I-94 and a timely applied EAD renewal.

thank you for answering. I read on one forum that the rule is not yet effective and may go into effect in February. But I checked uscis.gov and acfr.gov and read the CFR itself it doesn’t say anything like that. To my knowledge, if it’s in the CFR then its the rule and in effect. So I hope this rule is in effect. Please comment.

Policy went into immediate effect starting 12th November 2021. They may still be working on updated I-94 for L2 but no issues with H4 EAD.