H4 EAD automatic extention

Hi, my H4 I797 is expiring on April 24, 2022 but I94 is valid until May 4, 2022. Based on automatic H4 extention for 180 days rule, can I work till May 4th? Please note that the applied H4 extension and EAD are still pending. Spouse H1B is already approved.
Thank you!

You can work only until your EAD is valid, provided your underlying non-immigrant status is also valid. Remember it is EAD that gives you authorization to work, not the H4 status by itself.

My apologies. I forgot to mention that I already have an EAD which is also expiring on April 24, 2022. I have already applied for H4 EAD extension.
Now can I work until my I94 is valid?

No, that’s what I said :slight_smile: You can only work till your EAD is valid which is 24th April.

You can though travel to Mexico or Canada border to extend your I-94 based on your spouse H1B I-797 and keep working as your EAD will be auto-extended for 180 days.

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