H4 EAD Expedite Application

Hi Anil,

I had submitted my H4 and H4EAD renewal on May 1, my current EAD was expiring on Sep 4, therefore I raised an expedited request. My doc to support financial hardship were received by USCIS on Aug 23. I did not hear anything from them and raised an enquiry. Mid sep I received an email from them letting me know that I will hear a Note of Action within 45 days. I have stopped working and getting more anxious day by day. I haven’t heard anything from them till now and don’t know how to move my application forward.

Can you please help me?


My H1b is ending Jan 2021. I filed my H4 and H4 EAD at the Nebraska Centre and the receipt notice is June 4th, 2020. I haven’t yet received the biometric appointment. Anybody here that filed around the same time/ centre and received an ASC appointment?

Here are a few things that I did, can you please review and let me know if there is anything that I can do?

  1. Called USCIS to expedite both I-539 and I-765? They denied them saying no biometrics
  2. Called USCIS to request a biometric appointment? They said they are unable to schedule one online
  3. Put in service request- no action.

I know the asking a senator to expedite my case is a long shot but I am working on it.
Is there ANYTHING I CAN DO that can help?

In health,