H4 EAD expedite for IT person working for non profit serving people with developmental disabilities

Hi Anil,

First of all, I really want to appreciate all your efforts towards immigrants like us and understanding our situation.

I am working on H4 EAD as an IT professional with a non profit serving the people with developmental disabilities. I applied for my EAD renewal along with my H4 application and my biometric is still pending because of this pandemic. Though I have read your recent articles which answered most of my questions (not happy with UsCIs decision so far on this biased attitude), is there anyway I can make an emergency request to USCIS to get my biometric done and expedite my H4 and thus H4 EAD? Also, is the decision still pending on stimulus bill 2020 for automatic extension for ppl like me, any hope left?


Hi @Shweta_Gupta

You can try filing an expedite request and if your work is related to medical field or services, chances are high that USCIS might just approve it.

Anil, thanks for replying!

Based on your experience or questions asked to you, My biometric will be done in any case for my H4 approval first or they can just issue me EAD is extension?

H4 EAD cannot be issued if H4 stays pending. H4 needs biometric.

I am not sure how USCIS will react in this case.

Shweta did you get the request expedited? I work for the state department and in the same situation as yours.

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I did expedite Heena but got rejected twice. I am waiting for the 3rd expedite request.

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