H4 EAD expedite request documentation for financial loss for previously non employed person


I raised the expedite H4 and H4 EAD processing for my Spouse stating there is financial loss. My wife was never formally employed earlier due to Covid , she did few freelancing work which did not result to monetary compensation at that time. If USCIS will ask for supporting document for financial loss than in my case what document should i provide…

Appriciate your help…


Do you have any bills or car loans in her name or if she has sent any money transactions to her parents for their maintenance etc., this would be suffice to support

Thanks Abdul for your response… she does not have loan on her name though we have done one or two transfer to her India NRE account which she used to pay money to her family member , will that be sufficient or should i look for something else

Yes, that would be useful. Even if you have any Utility Bills also work.