H4 EAD expiry before H1B expiry

Hi Anil,

I was working for employer A in 2018 and my H1B was approved through July 2021. I also had my I140 approved, so I had filed my spouse’s H4 EAD which was approved till July 2021 as well. I switched to employer B in Sept 2018 and got my H1B till Sept 2021. However, we did not file for an updated H4 EAD. So, my spouse’s EAD is only valid till July 2021.

My question is - Even my current employer files for my H1B extension, that would only be in effect from Sept 2021. If H4/H4 EAD is filed along with that, I am assuming the start date would be from Sept as well. Since, my spouse’s current EAD is expiring in July, do we try to file for an extension (July 2021 to Sept 2021) based on the current H4 expiry now? Is there any other way for the EAD to be valid between July & Sept?
Given that it’s taking so much time for approvals to come through, chances are that my H1B extension would be filed before the approval. We would also be filing the H4/H4 EAD as part of the extension. So, it’s possible there are 2 H4 EAD applications for my spouse. Would that be an issue?

Thanks in advance for your help and please let me know if I need to provide any clarification.

Filing and having two H4 EAD pending at same time is not an issue.