H4 EAD Extension

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for taking your time in reviewing this with me.

I currently work for an Employer A. My visa expires on 2/24 which is the exact same expiration date of my wife’s H4 visa.

My wife’s H4 EAD expires on 1/9/23.

I recently accepted a new job offer. My employer B has filed for my H1B transfer along with my wife’s H4 and H4 EAD extension about 10 days ago. The H1B transfer happened via premium processing.

However, after a long deliberation, I feel like I made a mistake in taking a hasty decision to accept the new job. I would like to continue working with my current employer A .

Can you please let me know if I should
File a new H4 EAD application ?
Would I have a high chance of getting RFE as there could be 2 H4 EAD applications in the system ?

Thanks for your time !