H4 EAD extention- Biometrics letter is not recd

Hi Anil,
I have H4 EAD till 22. My husband did the transfer and his new approval is till 23. His firm has submitted H4 transfer request but I have not yet recd Biometrics letter due to covid i think(its been 4 weeks now).
Should i submit H4 EAD extension request now or wait for couple of weeks. Since EAD approvals take long time, I am thinking of submitting application now but my only worry is that they will put H4 EAD on REF without biometrics or H4 approval as it’s not filled together so please guide.

USCIS generally does not allow EAD application before 180 days of its expiry.

They sometimes allow it if you file it concurrently with H1B transfer but you have missed that chance.

Thank you Anil for the response. I wished I had checked this earlier…
If i submit now, they might put this on RFE. Can they keep this on REF for more than a year. I am worried that EAD approval takes more than 6 months. Last year, I was almost going to lose of my job… I was to avoid this situation

Please help me with options.

They usually just return the application back.