H4 EAD - Green Card Sponsoring Options


Quick Background:
I am currently on H4 visa. Prior to moving to H4, I was on L1B visa until Oct 2020. It’s been nearly 6 straight years in US for me and my family in the US.

In the meantime, I am trying to find a new gig for last couple of months with my H4 EAD. My potential new employer is not comfortable keeping me on H4 and would like to sponsor my independent visa/green card.

I am here, trying to find my options to get myself an independent visa which could eventually lead me to my own Green Card(I am not joking :), I am hired at an executive level and hoping to qualify under EB1 category.)


  1. What are my options to get my own/independent visa?
  2. What are the basic qualifications for Green Card under EB1. Do I need to show some history with the company?
  3. Can my new employer sponsor my GC while I hold my H4 EAD Or is it mandate to move to H1 Or any other visa.

If there is any additional information which is not covered above, request you to please share more information.