H4-EAD i94 extension


Myself (H-1B) and my wife (H4 EAD) both have valid visa stamp and valid i-94 until Sep,2022. Passports also valid for both of us.
My employer is planning to file H-1B extension for myself in premium mode.
Below are my questions:

  1. Is it advisable to file H4 extension at this time along with my H-1B extension ?
    My spouse is working right now in H4-EAD and we fear that H4 extension takes considerable amount of time.
  2. As said in your post, any success story for extending H-4 i94 based on H-1B’s approved i-797 at US land border CBP offices ? Any restrictions to visit land CBP offices because of COVID ?
    I live in Tennessee and needs to plan for the trip if i need to go to the Texas border.
  3. Based on automatic extension rule of 180 days, we need valid i94 along with receipt to show that H4-EAD renewal is applied. Is that sufficient to continue work further 6 more months until we get new EAD card ?

Your inputs would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much.

Hi @rogerfan

All information about how to get new H4 i94 is given here.

Please read.