H4 EAD multiple jobs vs H1B application - cons and pros

Hi I have some questions regarding cons and pros having multiple jobs on H4EAD,
first job is a full time and second job is a part time,

If we would like to apply for h1b in future, can we go with full time job and apply for H1b, will there be any problem while visa stamping in India as the tax returns will have multiple payrolls.
In our case the second job is less hours and moderate income, which help for house loan (more on w2 will ease our loan application process)we are planning in near next year.

As the h1b holder is unable to get house loan bcoz of some reasons, thinking this second job h4 will have an advantage for qualifying for better loans.

I dont think there is any disadvantage, but would like to post here and ask some suggestions.

@Anil.Gupta any thoughts on this?

H4 EAD has no restrictions on number of jobs that can be done. As long as you are paying taxes, nobody cares as to how many jobs you do.