H4 ead outside normal processing time advice

Hi All,
My H1 and my wife’s h4 + h4ead was filed together in May 2020. H1 got approved in June 2020. H4 biometric done in april 2021 and approved in May 2021(after a year). However h4 ead is pending more than a year. We tried everything like multiple SRs, ombudsman help and congressmen help but nothing helped. Last week we raised expedite request which was denied. I want to see if someone in similar situation like us or anyone can suggest advice on what to do here?

What was the reason you provided for expedite?

My wife mentioned financial loss. She explained that she has a job offer in hand but cannot work because ead is not approved. Without asking for the proof uscis denied the request.

One of my colleague’s wife requested under same reason and was approved. It’s just a hit & miss kind, I guess.