H4 EAD package sent twice by mistake

Hi .

I filed my H4 EAD last week and received the receipt number through text message .
The problem is I sent the application first through ups and it got lost and they informed me that the package is missing. I waited for two weeks and it was not found. So I sent my forms again through FedEx and it was received by uscis and I even got my receipt number. But now 3 weeks later, my old package which I sent through ups is also delivered…so now my EAD application is sent twice. What should I do and what problems will I face having sent the application twice . Please help how I should proceed or what I should do to withdraw the second application.


You may send a letter requesting to withdraw one of the application. You can also try opening a service request via Emma the chatbot and talk to live agent re: the issue and see if they can help.