H4 EAD pending and H1B transfer

Hi Experts,

My spouse first time standalone H4-EAD(recipt: Nov 2021) is still pending for approval . I recently got a job offer and accpeted it.The new employer filled only H1B and did not file H4,H4 EAD.
I am planning to file new H4,H4EAD in coming weeks.

What happens to the pending H4-EAD when i leave my current employer? Is there any way to inform USCIS about the new H1B approval so that they do not reject the H4-EAD even if the current employer withdraws my H1B ?

Please help

You may send copy of the new H1B I-797 approval and the copy of H4/EAD receipt to USCIS service center processing H4/EAD for your spouse with a cover letter explaining the reason you are submitting the documents.

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Hi kalpesh,

Thanks for the reply.
Are you suggesting sending a letter to USCIS with information about the new I797 so that they can use that to process the pending H4 EAD which was filed using old employers I797/I140?

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